One of the weirdest omissions in Gmail is the desktop website’s inability to play videos attached to emails.

Have you ever run into that lovely little reality? When you get an email with a video and you try to click the video’s thumbnail, as one would logically think you should be able to do, you end up seeing a rage-inducing error:

Why, Gmail? WHY?!

Well, m’dear, you never have to see that error again.

➜ My favorite Gmail enhancement, an extension called Simplify Gmail, has just added a feature that enables in-line video playing within the Gmail website. Huzzah!

Simplify Gmail gives you tons of other awesome interface improvements for Gmail, too. (See my interview with its creator, who was a long-time Gmail design lead and the creator of Google’s short-lived Inbox service, for more on its philosophy.) It costs two bucks a month to use, which is a price well worth paying, if you ask me.

If you aren’t interested in the full Simplify setup or don’t have the dough to pay for it right now, take a peek at a Chrome extension called Gmail Mod. It adds in the same sort of in-line video (and also audio) player into the Gmail website, and that’s it. And it’s completely free to use.