If you’ve got a ton of old stuff you want to digitize and don’t want to deal with doing it all manually, a service called YesVideo is exactly what you need. YesVideo sends you a “time capsule” in the mail that you use to ship back any combination of photos, videos (on practically any format imaginable), film, or digital media. They then manually scan and convert everything into a high-quality digital format for you — and here’s the especially cool part: They can even import it directly into your Google Photos storage so it’ll just show up as part of your library.

In fact, the reason I’m even aware of this service in the first place is that the creator/founder and still-head-honcho of Google Photos himself recommended it. A pretty powerful endorsement, I’d say.

YesVideo’s pricing varies depending on what exactly you’re converting and how much material is involved. With physical photos, for instance, they charge $29 for the first 50 images and then 39 cents for every image after that — but those prices are frequently cut in half with things like Mother’s Day promotions, so you could actually end up paying $14.50 for that first batch of 50 and then onward from there. Videos work in a similar sort of arrangement, with $29 for the first two hours and then another $29 for every two hours after that (and with all those prices also cut in half as part of Mother’s-Day-style sales).

It isn’t cheap, but if the manual scanning route is too time-intensive for ya — or if you’ve got videos and other sorts of materials that don’t have any easy equipment-free digitalization method available — it’s an excellent option to consider, especially if you manage to get in while one of those 50%-off offers is active and available.