One of Google’s oft-forgotten projects is its effort to bring all the books in the world online so anyone can find them and even search through them anytime, anywhere. Remember that?!

The service is called Google Books, and it actually got a major update just a few months ago — with a new, contemporary design and even more powerful searching tools. (And this isn’t the same thing as Google Play Books, by the way, though it certainly is confusing that the two co-exist. Classic Google!)

Google Books is, at its core, a search engine. Heck, it pretty much looks exactly the same as the main Google web page:

But instead of searching the web, the box on the Books site searches Google’s massive library of literature and makes it possible to find anything from specific quotes…

…to books on any subject that tickles your fancy:

Once you find a book, you can search within it, read all about it, and even find places to “borrow” it in e-book form. You’ll also see suggestions for books that are similar, in case you’re looking for something new.

And if you’re still hungry for knowledge, a separate Google Arts & Culture/Google Books experiment has all sorts of neat literature-themed “exhibits” to explore — including an interactive journey through the history of books, a Street-View-connected tour of the most incredible libraries in the world, and a colorful trip through Van Gogh’s very own bookshelf.

There’s enough there to keep you entertained for days. And now more than ever, that’s something worth celebrating.